Friday, July 1, 2011

June 29th - Day 1

Today was quite an interesting day. The kids slept in until 9am, so that gave me some time to read and relax since I was up at 5am. Brighid lit her candle quite a few times today and said lots of prayers. We had a meeting after breakfast, and read our letters from Mary Clare.

 Molly started hers by reading, "I'm glad to miss you - WHAT?" She read "going" as "glad".

Since it wasn't a warm sunny day, we were inside the whole time, so we had a picnic lunch with a movie to put everyone's mind on something fun. Everybody went to bed early because we were all tired - or maybe it was just me who was tired! ~ Teresa

One of my favorite parts of today was picking out of the box with Molly and Brighid. It was lots of fun and the first time we did it. ~Sean

My favorite part was hearing Teresa tell us that my friends could come over this week. I can't wait to go to the Zoo, Sean's baseball games, and grocery shopping. ~Molly

I liked picking something out of my box. I picked out a cross and it reminds me of Jesus. ~Brighid

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