Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30th - Day 2

Today was an exciting day. Grama came out so we could go to Joannes and Wegmans. We got fabric from Joannes so the little girls can make aprons, and we got yarn so I can make a few projects. Then we went to Wegmans to get some food! We were out of just about everything, so by the time we finished shopping, the cart was really heavy. Gabriel fell asleep when we were almost done shopping, so I carried him the rest of the time. Molly had a piano lesson in the afternoon, and then we all went to Sean's baseball game. During the game, the little girls were playing on the playground with their friends. Molly slipped and fell, hit her mouth on a stair, and cut her lip. I told Brighid to stay with Gabriel while I brought Molly over to Dad, and Brighid went right to Gabriel, took his hand, and brought him over to a picnic table. Dad, Coach Gonter, and Mrs. Schiffman all came over to help Molly. They iced her lip, cleaned her up, and gave her a popsicle. We took her down to Richard's game at Meadow to have Mrs. Updike look at her lip. She gave Molly the OK to go home if she kept ice on it. Dad dropped us off at home and went back to Boston to get Sean. When the little girls and Gabriel were all settled down, I did some painting prep before dad came home. The little people went to bed after evening prayers and everyone got a good nights rest. ~Teresa

Our team won our baseball game 11-7 against the number one team - Thunder. Go Pawsox! ~Sean

I cut my lip today and I cried and right after that, Kaylee got hit in the nose with a ball. We're both okay. ~Molly

Today I had fun picking out of the box because I picked the cell phones! It was fun to play with them. ~Brighid

That nap at the store just wasn't enough! ~Gabriel

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