Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 6 - Day 8

Today we went to the zoo! First we went to 9am Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul, and then we went to Great Harvest Bread for a mid morning snack. Molly and Brighid shared a blueberry muffin, and so did Sean and Gabriel. Grama and I each had a slice of bread. Then we went to the zoo! It was very busy but we were still able to get up close to see the animals. We were at the zoo for about three hours and Gabriel was a good boy the whole time. After we got home, we watched a bible movie while we waited for dad to come home. ~Teresa

I liked seeing all the animals especially the ones I've never seen before. I also liked hanging out with Grama. ~Sean

I liked seeing the really big polar bear swimming in the water. I also like seeing the three tigers and the lions. The tigers were sun bathing in the ditch area that separated us from them. ~Molly

I liked seeing the bird eating tarantula, the tucan, and the snow leopard. Sean said, "I hope the snow leopard is camouflaged." The tucan's were so funny. ~Brighid

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