Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5 - Day 7

Today was a beautiful day. Sean and the girls cleaned the pation so dad could seal it. Grama came out in the afternoon and went with us to the Michael John Porier prayer hour. It was wonderful. His "theme" was marriage. Gabriel wasn't in the mood for sitting still, so I walked him in the back while Michael John Porier talked about marriage. Gabriel finally fell asleep, so I was able to sit with the kids during adoration. After it was over, I asked him to pray for a safe trip home for everybody who was on the mission trip in Peru. Of course he said he would. ~Teresa

I liked watching Zack hit a home run during our baseball game tonight. I also liked getting a double off of a bunt. ~Sean

My favorite part was seeing Michael John Porier and while I liked about him was his voice was very pretty. His songs are really long. ~Molly

I liked Michael John Porier's singing. I prayed for the Project Matthew 25:40 mission team! ~Brighid

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