Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14 - Day 16 - Welcome Home!

Today was a wonderful day! Today, everybody came home! Finally! After two weeks, we got to see our family again! We did some tidying up this morning, and then Molly had a piano lesson. After lunch, we headed out to the airport! We were all so excited! We waited for about a half an hour, and then they landed and came off. It was such a joyous reunion for everyone. Everybody was hugging, kissing, and sharing stories. When we came home, our missionaries gave everyone their gifts, and then we all had dinner. Everybody went to bed early because they were so wiped out. We are so glad that they are home and we are thanking God that they had safe travels. ~Teresa

I liked seeing Mom, Mary Clare, Richard and Patrick because I missed them a lot. A looooooot! ~Sean

I liked when everybody came home because I love them! ~Molly

My favorite part of today was going to the airport and hugging Mommy at the airport! ~Brighid

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