Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 12 - Day 14

Today was a fun day! Rebecca, Matthew, and Jeremy came over to play and swim. The kids all had tons of fun and after lunch, they swam for over an hour. They played some more, and then the Saguns left. Sean had a baseball game which the Pawsox won 16-12. The little girls went over to the Updikes for a sleepover, and Sean had a camp-out in Mary Clare's bed. Everyone was tired after such a fun day.  ~Teresa

I enjoyed watching Brandon hit a home run at baseball and I also enjoyed winning against the Muckdogs for the first time in three games. ~Sean

I liked when the Updikes picked me up and brought me and Brighid out for ice cream and then brought us over for a sleepover. ~Molly

I liked swimming with just my life jacket in the pool! ~Brighid

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