Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11 - Day 13

Today was a productive day. I cleaned up the fall out from the weekend with the kids, and then Grama came out. We had lunch with her, and then we went grocery shopping. We had one heaping cart, and we ended up walking out of the checkout with two large carts mostly filled. It was super hot today, so dad took the kids swimming, and then we went to Bella Pizza for dinner. We also stopped down at Paddy's game in Boston. When we came home, we had a relaxing evening and a good nights rest! ~Teresa

I liked going out to dinner and after that, going to baseball and watching Michael hit a home run into the trees! ~Sean

I liked going out to dinner because the food was really good and I liked going to the game because it was really good and they were winning. ~Molly

I liked going out to dinner and baseball. ~Brighid

It says 87 degrees, but this picture was taken after the day had cooled off!

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