Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1 - Day 3

Today was a very busy day. Dad was painting all day and when I wasn't helping him paint, I was cleaning up all the messes everybody had made. The kids played in the dirt pile most of the day. They sifted the dirt and made dirt bread and other delicacies. The living room and tea room look gorgeous - even with the furniture everywhere and dust all over the floor. We ordered pizza and wings (yummy!!!) for dinner and then the kids went swimming. It was very refreshing after a long hot day! ~Teresa

My favorite part of today was sifting dirt in the dirt pile and then going swimming. ~Sean

Today I enjoyed swimming and finding out that we are going to the zoo in five days! ~Molly

My favorite part of today was going swimming because I was so hot! ~Brighid

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