Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14 - Day 16 - Welcome Home!

Today was a wonderful day! Today, everybody came home! Finally! After two weeks, we got to see our family again! We did some tidying up this morning, and then Molly had a piano lesson. After lunch, we headed out to the airport! We were all so excited! We waited for about a half an hour, and then they landed and came off. It was such a joyous reunion for everyone. Everybody was hugging, kissing, and sharing stories. When we came home, our missionaries gave everyone their gifts, and then we all had dinner. Everybody went to bed early because they were so wiped out. We are so glad that they are home and we are thanking God that they had safe travels. ~Teresa

I liked seeing Mom, Mary Clare, Richard and Patrick because I missed them a lot. A looooooot! ~Sean

I liked when everybody came home because I love them! ~Molly

My favorite part of today was going to the airport and hugging Mommy at the airport! ~Brighid

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 - Day 15

Today was a busy day. Grama came over and helped me clean the house. We vaccuumed, dusted, and cleaned the bathrooms. It was great to have Grama helping me! After lunch, the little girls came back home and we ran to the grocery store for a few things. We had a quiet afternoon and then we went for an ice cream treat after dinner. We're all looking forward to everyone coming home tomorrow. ~Teresa

I liked having egg salad, chex mix, and iced tea for lunch. ~Sean

I liked playing with the Updikes and I liked to hear that mom was coming home the next day! ~Molly

My favorite part of today was coming home! ~Brighid

July 12 - Day 14

Today was a fun day! Rebecca, Matthew, and Jeremy came over to play and swim. The kids all had tons of fun and after lunch, they swam for over an hour. They played some more, and then the Saguns left. Sean had a baseball game which the Pawsox won 16-12. The little girls went over to the Updikes for a sleepover, and Sean had a camp-out in Mary Clare's bed. Everyone was tired after such a fun day.  ~Teresa

I enjoyed watching Brandon hit a home run at baseball and I also enjoyed winning against the Muckdogs for the first time in three games. ~Sean

I liked when the Updikes picked me up and brought me and Brighid out for ice cream and then brought us over for a sleepover. ~Molly

I liked swimming with just my life jacket in the pool! ~Brighid

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11 - Day 13

Today was a productive day. I cleaned up the fall out from the weekend with the kids, and then Grama came out. We had lunch with her, and then we went grocery shopping. We had one heaping cart, and we ended up walking out of the checkout with two large carts mostly filled. It was super hot today, so dad took the kids swimming, and then we went to Bella Pizza for dinner. We also stopped down at Paddy's game in Boston. When we came home, we had a relaxing evening and a good nights rest! ~Teresa

I liked going out to dinner and after that, going to baseball and watching Michael hit a home run into the trees! ~Sean

I liked going out to dinner because the food was really good and I liked going to the game because it was really good and they were winning. ~Molly

I liked going out to dinner and baseball. ~Brighid

It says 87 degrees, but this picture was taken after the day had cooled off!

July 10 - Day 12

Today was a long day. I worked from 9-2:30. The kids played and went swimming, and we had dinner when I got home. We went to Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul, and when we got home, dad made Black Cow's for the kids. Gabriel ate three bowls of cereal for his evening snack. He didn't really eat much of his dinner, but he certainly made up for it with the cereal! ~Teresa

My favorite part of today was the Black Cow's dad made us! ~Sean

I loved the Black Cow's and I liked Sts. Peter and Paul Church. ~Molly

I liked the Black Cow's that dad made for us! I also liked having fun with my siblings. ~Brighid

July 9 - Day 11

Today was a nice quiet day. I worked from 10-2:30, and then came home and relaxed. The kids played quietly all day, and dad rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned most of the rugs in the house. We had leftovers for dinner and a nice cold ice cream treat in the evening. ~Teresa

I enjoyed the pick out of the box today. It was the foam ABC's. ~Sean

I liked when dad cleaned the carpets and I liked the Klondike bars. ~Molly

I liked swimming and when dad cleaned the carpets. ~Brighid

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8 - Day 10

Today was a productive day. I gave Molly her first sewing lesson and she really enjoyed it! After some more practice, I'm sure she'll be great at sewing. Brighid slept for 13 hours last night. By the time she woke up, it was almost lunch time! Mrs. Coughlin dropped off dinner for us so I didn't have to worry about cooking something. We had a quiet afternoon, and then the girls went back to the garden to harvest Radishes, Peas, and Lettuce with Dad. We went to the Senior A baseball game and watched a few innings and then brought Sean home. He had an awesome time the past two days. ~Teresa

I liked swimming with the Wojcinski's and going down to see Nathan and Drew. ~Sean

I liked going in the garden today because I got hot. ~Molly

I liked having Molly teach me how to jump rope. Jump roping is lots of fun! ~Brighid

July 7 - Day 9

Today was a great day for Sean, Molly, and Brighid. After Molly's piano lesson, Mrs. Updike came over and picked up Molly and Brighid so they could spend the day at the Updike's house. Mrs. Wojcinski took Sean over to their house so he could have a sleepover with Jared and Zack. I had a nice quiet afternoon with Gabriel and then a quiet evening with him and the girls. ~Teresa

I liked hanging out with Jared and Zack and playing dice at night. ~Sean

I liked the jump ropes that we picked from the box. I also had fun going to the Updikes because we played on the slip-and-slide! ~Molly

It was fun at the Updikes because we went on the slip-and slide. We played in the fun room too. I sent my Guardian Angel to Mom to give her a big hug and kiss and say goodnight to everybody there and say good morning to the kids and give them a big hug and kiss. ~Brighid

July 6 - Day 8

Today we went to the zoo! First we went to 9am Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul, and then we went to Great Harvest Bread for a mid morning snack. Molly and Brighid shared a blueberry muffin, and so did Sean and Gabriel. Grama and I each had a slice of bread. Then we went to the zoo! It was very busy but we were still able to get up close to see the animals. We were at the zoo for about three hours and Gabriel was a good boy the whole time. After we got home, we watched a bible movie while we waited for dad to come home. ~Teresa

I liked seeing all the animals especially the ones I've never seen before. I also liked hanging out with Grama. ~Sean

I liked seeing the really big polar bear swimming in the water. I also like seeing the three tigers and the lions. The tigers were sun bathing in the ditch area that separated us from them. ~Molly

I liked seeing the bird eating tarantula, the tucan, and the snow leopard. Sean said, "I hope the snow leopard is camouflaged." The tucan's were so funny. ~Brighid

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5 - Day 7

Today was a beautiful day. Sean and the girls cleaned the pation so dad could seal it. Grama came out in the afternoon and went with us to the Michael John Porier prayer hour. It was wonderful. His "theme" was marriage. Gabriel wasn't in the mood for sitting still, so I walked him in the back while Michael John Porier talked about marriage. Gabriel finally fell asleep, so I was able to sit with the kids during adoration. After it was over, I asked him to pray for a safe trip home for everybody who was on the mission trip in Peru. Of course he said he would. ~Teresa

I liked watching Zack hit a home run during our baseball game tonight. I also liked getting a double off of a bunt. ~Sean

My favorite part was seeing Michael John Porier and while I liked about him was his voice was very pretty. His songs are really long. ~Molly

I liked Michael John Porier's singing. I prayed for the Project Matthew 25:40 mission team! ~Brighid

July 4 - Day 6

We had lots of fun today. Uncle Michael came over around 9:30 and rode down with us to Uncle Stephen and Aunt Liz's house. We all went to the beach and the guys had rock skipping contests! Gabriel even threw some rocks into the water. Then we went to another beach and then headed back the Uncle Stephen's house. We had lunch and dessert there and hung-out for a little while. When we came home, everyone relaxed and napped so they weren't too tired for the evening! We met up with the Pacholec's for the parade and fireworks over in Orchard Park. Gabriel cried during the fireworks, but then he slept through the grand finale. We sat in traffic for 20 minutes and we didn't get home until 11pm. It was such a great day! ~Teresa

I liked going to the 4th of July parade. I got to see the Pacholecs and the fire trucks and there was lots of candy. ~Sean

I liked going to the 4th of July parade. What I liked about it was that they threw candy and they're nice. I also liked going to the fireworks. ~Molly

I liked going to the fireworks and going to the beach. It was lots of fun. The sand was soft and I was walking through the water. ~Brighid

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3 - Day 5

Today was a very hot day. I went to work at 9am, and dad picked me up around 1:30. The kids went swimming when we got home and we had a late dinner. We picked some flowers for the family altar, and then I went to bed and the little people watched a movie. ~Teresa

I enjoyed swimming today because the top of the pool was 92 degrees, and the bottom was about 86 degrees! ~Sean

My favorite part of today was swimming without my life jacket on! ~Molly

I liked swimming because the water was warm and it was so hot outside. ~Brighid

See the pollen on Molly's nose?